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What is the North Dakota Envirothon?

The North Dakota Envirothon is a problem-solving natural resource competition for high school students.  Teams are generally associated with a sponsoring school, and usually train the entire school year with their advisor or "coach" in preparation for the annual state-wide competition.  Study resources in the fields of soils, aquatics, wildlife, prairie (forestry and rangeland) and a current environmental issue are assembled by natural resource professionals and provided to the teams.  Using these resources, students learn the skills of thinking and working as a team to assess natural resource issues affecting the environment.  In late spring, each team has the option to select five members and one alternate to compete at the North Dakota State Envirothon Competition.

Participating Schools

Currently there are Envirothon programs in over 50 schools in 35 towns in North Dakota, and new programs are encouraged!  Contact the Envirothon Coordinator for more information about starting an Envirothon program in your area.

North Dakota Envirothon is a 501c3 organization.

501c3 Documentation​​ 

For more information please contact the North Dakota Envirothon Coordinator:

Andrea Petersen


A major source of funding for the North Dakota Envirothon comes from the  ND Department of Health's Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program, with funds provided by Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

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In 1979 the Pennsylvania Soil and Water Conservation Districts created an "Environmental Olympics" as a way to encourage high school students to become interested in natural resource conservation and environmental issues.  The program quickly gained popularity and grew to over 40 Districts by 1987 and stimulated interest in neighboring states.

In 1988 the program became known as the Envirothon.  That same year teams from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Massachusetts competed in the first "National Envirothon" and in 1992 a Canadian team participated for the first time, and later became the "North American Envirothon."

In 2014 the Envirothon enterprise moved to the National Conservation Foundation, which will provide leadership for a new vision including aiming for a global program by 2030.

Please visit Envirothon for more information about the National Envirothon.

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