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​​​North Dakota 


3rd Place Team Center-Stanton - Hornets

1st Place Team Bismarck High School

2nd Place Team Wilton Rangeland Renegades

Welcome to the 5th Lewis & Clark Envirothon!!! We hope that students and teachers enjoy this opportunity to learn about natural resources in the beautiful setting of the ND 4-H Camp (2702 8th St SW, Washburn, ND 58577). This year’s Current Issue is Adapting to a Changing Climate.

Current Issue: Resources will be emailed out to teams on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.  Teams are expected to review resources and prepare a 10 minute presentation.  Each team may only bring 3 (one-sided) standard poster board size sheets (up to 24 inches by 36 inches) and 2 index cards per team member.  These items will be turned in during registration.  Please include the team name and number on the back of poster boards.  Teams will be assigned a presentation time at the competition.  Teams will receive their materials just before they present and will be given 5 minutes to prepare.  Teams will be given 10 minutes to present their current issue and will be asked questions for 5 minutes after.  

Dress:  We request teams do not wear clothing identifying their school name.  The competition is mainly outdoors.  Come prepared for all types of weather.  

Trail test: advisors will act as trail guides for schools they do not represent.  No cell phones, smart watches or electronics will be allowed during the competition.  We recommend advisors and students wear a non-smart watch to keep track of time throughout the competition.  

Scoring and awards: All trail tests and oral presentations will be graded at the competition.  We will announce the scores and winners at the end of the day.  The top 2 teams will receive a free entrance to the North Dakota State Envirothon Competition May 10-12, 2023.  

Registration: please complete the online team registration form and combined health release and photo release form (print and scan and email to Andrea Petersen ndenvirothon@gmail.com) by September 22, 2022.  The registration fee is $25 per team.  Please bring a check to the competition (payable to Lewis and Clark Envirothon)

Teams consist of 5 students each (grades 9-12).  Teams may bring 1 alternate as well.  Advisors/teachers may bring multiple teams from their school.  

Teams may compete in 1 or more regional events; however can only place in the 1st competition they compete in.

2022 Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon Event Forms and Resources

All advisors are welcome to come and learn about the North Dakota Envirothon program. The 5th Annual Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon Competition will be October 6, 2022.  

Please contact ND Envirothon Coordinator for more information.  

Andrea Petersen - ndenvirothon@gmail.com