All advisors are welcome to come and learn about the North Dakota Envirothon program. The 3rd Annual Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon Competition will be be a virtual event held the first couple weeks in November 2020.

Please contact Calla Edwards for more information.

Cell: 785-851-0791


Typically in the center of the state we would be hosting a regional Envirothon Contest about now but unfortunately that isn’t an option this year. This year we are hosting an online virtual Envirothon consisting of four individual timed tests which will take approximately 30-45 minutes, one for each of the areas of Wildlife, Prairie/Forestry, Aquatics and Soils. Your youth will work as teams to take each of the tests. Since our contest is virtual we are inviting any school across the state to participate in the contest in teams of five youth, just like our regional contest would be. The top 6 teams will receive a fees paid entry to the ND State Contest in the Spring. Check the ND Envirothon website for study resources and the latest videos from the Train the Teacher event. Please fill out the registration form and email it back to me for each of your teams. Each team will need a unique name and your e-mail address to receive your link for the test. Registration will be due to me October 29th. We are also offering the option to do a practice virtual team presentation for the the special topic if schools would like. The presentations won’t impact your score for the Regional Contest. Please let me know if you have questions. I look forward to having you participate in the Virtual Lewis & Clark Envirothon.

Calandria Edwards

2020 Lewis and Clark Virtual Regional Envirothon Event Forms and Resources

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