All advisors are welcome to come and learn about the North Dakota Envirothon program. The 1st Annual Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon Competition will be held September 20, 2018 at the Washburn, ND 4-H camp.

Please contact Calla Edwards for more information.

Cell: 785-851-0791


We would like to tell you about a wonderful program that supports youth education in Natural Resources. You have the amazing opportunity to provide our school students with an incredible, hands-on environmental learning experience. We are organizing a Regional Envirothon teacher workshop to be held on August 14, 2018 and the Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon will take place September 20, 2018 in Washburn, ND for Fall of 2018.

The Envirothon is a unique opportunity for high school age youth in North Dakota. Through the program youth learn about Soils, Rangelands, Forestry, Aquatic Environments and species, but they also learn about a current major issue that effects our land and water every day. A team consists of five members who must work together to identify plants, animals, soils types, construct food webs and they also must put together a professional presentation over the current issue they just learned about. Our program promotes teamwork, friendship, study skills, appreciation & stewardship of natural resources, and just plain fun.

There are several schools in the area who have competed (and won) in Envirothons at the State level, however we would like the opportunity for schools who have never competed to learn about this wonderful competition which is why we are hosting a teacher workshop this fall to “Teach the Teacher” about the contest and provide resources so they can work with their students to compete in the State contest. We plan to host a Regional Envirothon event every year starting in Fall of 2018.

There are several sponsorship levels available. There is the Gold Sponsorship level which has a donation of $500, a Silver Level with a donation of $300 and finally a Bronze level with a donation of $100, however any amount of money would be greatly appreciated.

We hope you will join us as we begin our countdown to the 2017 Envirothon events. We need help from the community and we are counting on you. Please look over our sponsorship packet carefully and consider one of our levels of sponsorship.


Lewis and Clark Envirothon Committee

2018 Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon Event Forms and Resources

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​​Questions: Call Dane Buysse, State Coordinator @ 507-828-2658

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