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All advisors are welcome to come and learn about the North Dakota Envirothon program. The 3rd Annual Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon Competition will be held October 2020 at the Washburn, ND 4-H camp.

Please contact Calla Edwards for more information.

Cell: 785-851-0791

E-mail: calandria.jarboe@ndsu.edu

Dear Teachers,

We would like to tell you about a wonderful program that supports youth education in Natural Resources. You have the amazing opportunity to provide our school students with an incredible, hands-on environmental learning experience. We are hosting a Regional Envirothon at the North Dakota 4-H Camp in Washburn for October 1st. Registration begins at 7:45 am with the contest starting at 8:15 and concluding at 3 pm.

An Envirothon is a unique opportunity for high school age youth in North Dakota. Through the program youth learn about Soils, Rangelands, Forestry, Aquatics Environments and species, but they also learn about a current major issue that effects our land and water every day. A team consists of five members who must work together to identify plants, animals, soils types, construct food webs and they also must put together a professional presentation over the current issue they just learned about. Our program promotes teamwork, friendship, study skills, appreciation & stewardship of natural resources, and just plain fun.

Through the Envirothon contest many students across the state found a new love and passion that has lead them to a variety of careers they might otherwise not have experienced. The Regional Envirothon is designed to give the youth an opportunity to learn about the contest and experience it prior to the state contest which is held at Crystal Springs in May.

We hope you will join us as we begin our countdown to the 2019 Envirothon events. We would love to see more youth involved in Natural Resources. We are looking at holding a workshop on soils and range during the contest for teachers if there is any interest. Let us know when you register so we can have Trail Guides for the teams. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via phone or email. There are many individuals in the area who would be willing to come and help teach the youth about the different areas of natural resources.

Please return the registration form to me by September 12th so we can order shirts for all of the youth and provide enough food for everyone. All other sheets can be turned in the day of but do let me know if there are dietary concerns in advance as lunch will be provided.

Calandria Edwards

2019 Lewis and Clark Regional Envirothon Event Forms and Resources