- From the Valley to the Badlands -

​​​North Dakota 


​​​​​2021 North Dakota Envirothon State Competition

Current Issue: Waste to Resources

May 11-13 2022

The North Dakota State Envirothon Competition is held in early May at the picturesque Crystal Springs Camp near Medina.  The camp is in a rural setting so students can demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a real-life environment. The camp comes alive as over 100 students from around the state arrive along with their teacher/coaches and a small army of natural resource professionals who volunteer to act as facilitators, team trail guides and judges.

On the first day of the competition, teams of 5 students rotate through trails where they are tested on their knowledge of soils, wildlife, aquatics and prairie.  Their advisor is not allowed on the trails with them and scores are tallied for the day. 

On the second day the current issue challenge question is revealed and teams are individually sequestered to prepare an oral presentation detailing a solution to the question.  Oral presentations are then given to a panel of three judges, and scores are added to the trail test scores to determine the top three teams.

 The top three teams then again give their presentation to the entire assembly of students and three experts in the current issue topic.  Final total combined scores determine the winning North Dakota Envirothon team who will advance to the North American Envirothon Competition.

​​​​2021 North Dakota Envirothon Competition

1st Place: Bismarck High School "Water Buffalos"

2nd Place:  Bismarck High School "Water Beatles"

3rd Place:  Minot Bishop Ryan "Knotweeds"

- Thanks to all who participated in this years envirothon to make it a success.

Past Winners

2020:   No competition

2019:   Bismarck High School

2018:  Bismarck High School

2017:  Bismarck High School

2016:  Midkota High School

2015:  Minot High School

2014:  Bismarck High School

2013:  Bishop Ryan High School (Minot)

2012:  Minot High School

2011:  Sargent Central High School

2010:  Sargent Central High School

2009:  Sargent Central High School

2008:  Sargent Central High School

2007:  Bismarck High School

2006:  West Fargo High School

2005:  Kenmare High School

2004:  Kenmare High School

2003:  Sargent Central High School (Forman)

2002:  West Fargo High School

2001:  West Fargo High School

2000:  Barnes County 4-H (Valley City)